About Ontario Tenders Portal

The Ontario Tenders Portal (OTP) is the online bidding portal for procurement competitions within the Government of Ontario and Broader Public Sector (BPS) Entities.

OTP allows suppliers to be notified of upcoming opportunities and have the benefit of viewing and downloading opportunities of interest without incurring a cost. Payment is only required when a supplier is ready to respond to an open tender event.

For all registered suppliers in need of technical support, please contact Ontario Tenders Portal Technical at eTenderhelp_CA@bravosolution.com, Toll Free at 866.722.7390, or Direct at +1.484.335.4586.

All suppliers need to Register online at https://ontariotenders.bravosolution.com in order to gain access to tenders published by various Ontario Government entities.

If you are not a registered supplier on OTP, then kindly fill-in the below form so that you will be contacted shortly.