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Organisations today have more data than ever. Consolidating the data and presenting it – in a useful way to the people and departments that need it the most – is often flawed due to data collection challenges that include data silos and incompatible systems. Even if an organisation is able to consolidate data from multiple disparate systems, it often lacks the ability to present it in a flexible and meaningful manner to support the ever changing user and business requirements.

BravoAdvantageTM Analytics empowers the business by providing actionable intelligence based on an expanded data set that results from integration with the entire BravoAdvantage platform as well as with leading ERP solutions and other systems. A combination of standardised and ad-hoc reporting enables BravoAdvantage Analytics to present data based on user attributes to ensure that users see the data they want, when they want it and in a visual manner that means the most to the them.

"In most organisations, procurement is flying blind due to lack of data.”

-Leading Analyst Firm

BravoAdvantage Analytics Product Overview

BravoAdvantage Analytics will empower your business with insights previously unattainable and help you to:

  • Track progress against established goals and anticipate impactful activity in an easy to manage and navigate view of your business
  • Provide flexible views of your information including out of box reports, ad-hoc analysis and custom queries to monitor the business based on the information that matters most to you
  • Go from raw data to sophisticated visualisations in minutes with a few simple clicks – no coding required
  • Analyse data quickly and visually with profiling, segmentation and more
  • Improve decision making using smart dashboards, with interactive features such as grouping, sorting, filtering, aggregation and drilldowns on live graphs and charts.
  • And all integrates as part of the BravoAdvantage platform so you can seamlessly combine information related to spend, sourcing, procure-to-pay, contracts and other BravoAdvantage solutions plus with other systems including leading ERP solutions to create a holistic view of your business

If you lack the ability to properly analyse procurement data in your organisation, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to identify and drive total cost savings and take advantage of untapped opportunities throughout your organisation.

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